A Sheriff is expected to be a public leader and to move their Office forward during each election cycle. The Office of the Sheriff has not moved forward and has not modernized. As a result, critical functions that could help increase the safety of the City are not being effectively performed and there is a lack of public accountability. Modernization and more effective management of resources reduces waste and allows the Sheriff’s Office to play a larger role than it currently plays in safety and in service. I believe strongly that our City’s residents deserve these services from this Office.

The Office of Sheriff does not belong to any one individual, it belongs to the people. Each and every day a Sheriff must work tirelessly to improve the office and serve the people – each and every day.

When that stops and a Sheriff becomes complacent after decades in the position, and the Office does not rise to meet the evolving challenges that are facing our city and the Sheriff’s Office is able to “fly under the radar” for being accountable in public safety, and the Sheriff can avoid appearing in public, and the Office fails to modernize and people don’t know what a Sheriff does and how important their function is, then it is time for a change.

I have the experience and track record to responsibly modernize the Sheriff’s Office – so we can do more to make a safer more accountable Baltimore for all of us.